A Short (But Heartfelt) Rant

February 26, 2016

Funny that Paul Krugman and four distinguished economists should bring this up just now. A lot of us so-called “progressives” were starting to get our hopes up without really examining what Bernie Sanders is proposing. Then I listened to Bernie’s victory speech after New Hampshire and found myself thinking that the list of what he will do as president is more or less a complete list of all progressive goals. Everything we think is needed, all in one basket: free tuition, single-payer health coverage for the nation, control of the giant banks, etc. I was reminded of the song Rosemary Cluny made famous: “Come On-A My House” (I’m going to give you everything). Folks my age will remember… It is too bad, but Krugman and company have nailed the problem. Without a bigger economy we can’t give more people more things without taking things away from someone else, and so it becomes a Zero Sum Game. That is basically what GOP politics is about. They are always going to grow the economy, but first a few people on the bottom end of the income spectrum have to take a big hit. Just be patient and your reward will come, just like the virgins awaiting suicide bombers. The answer is always to lower taxes and take away benefits, some of which have been in place for two generations. (Social Security sent out the first check in 1937.)

Sanders wants the opposite, to raise taxes on the top earner, but even in the far-fetched event that congress allowed Sanders to place an 80% tax on the top 1% of earners it would not begin to pay the bill.

Frankly, I am feeling very frustrated by the situation. (So, what’s new?)

I really do not like Hillary or what we now call “The Clintons.” I don’t think Bernie can win and if he did it would be a huge disappointment because reality would dawn on January 21, 2017. Congress will never give him the money for those programs and he will wind up isolated and angry in the White House, like Jimmy Carter. The immediate problem, of course, is that anything is better than Cruze-Trump-Rubio. God, please send us a decent, real candidate and let him/her win. I would prefer Bloomberg, Biden, or Warren but it is imperative that the Democrats keep the White House. Otherwise the next Supreme Court may restore black slavery.

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